Next Steps

People often ask, “Now that I’m a Christian what should I do.” There are four very important steps to take to strengthen your faith and start your walk with God:

  1. Attend Church. The Bible tells us that Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Romans 10:17. Church is the place where the Word of God is spoken
  2. Read The Bible. The Bible is the history of God’s relationship with men. It teaches about God’s love, provision and redemption.
  3. Prayer. Prayer is an opportunity to communicate directly with God about your needs and to ask for His guidance and direction.
  4. Tell Someone about Jesus. This will reaffirm your faith and help someone else to believe!



  1. 參加教會聚會。聖經說信心是經由聽神的話語而來。(羅馬書第十章十七節) 教會是神話語所傳揚的場所。
  2. 閱讀聖經。聖經是本敘述上帝與人類關係的歷史記載。它教導了有關上帝的愛、供應及救贖。
  3. 禱告。禱告是你可以直接跟上帝溝通及表達你的需求和詢問他的指導及帶領。
  4. 告訴其他人有關耶穌的事情。這麼做會讓你更認同你的信心及幫助他人也來相信耶穌